Intro Part II: TPP Platform – Abortion


Quite a simple topic, really. *It* is a life…or *it* is not a life.

If you believe *it* is not a life, then have a party. Abort at will – that is your perogative. And from a Biblical perspective, there is nothing pro lifers can say on the matter, because the Bible is only explicit about the sanctity of life.

If you believe *it* is a life, then that life must be protected at all costs outside of incest (still working on where I fall on this point) and the risk of permanent impairment of the mother’s health.

If you believe *it* is a life and you still support abortion in the defense of women’s rights, then you are sick. The human race was created with a reproductive mechanism in which women are the bearer of life. As such, women are endowed with one of THE great responsibilities on planet earth – the protector of unborn life…if in fact *it* is a life.

Planned Parenthood

Where I disagree vehemently with highly conservative pro lifers is on Planned Parenthood. Regardless of its background (as Ben Shapiro likes to say, current society should not suffer for past generations’ sins), a fully scaled & funded Planned Parenthood network could do enormous good in both family planning education and providing cheap, accessible contraceptives.

Abortion is going to happen – regardless of legality. There are over 3,000 abortions a day in the United States. If Planned Parenthood could take $1 billion (pulling a clean number out of the air) and cut abortions down by 1,000 per day, NET – 1500 gross, net of an additional 500 due to an increased facility footprint – I would take that result any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

Conservative folks who would walk away from that ‘deal’ are woefully ignorant…and I would encourage them to read, re-read, and re-read again the following Economist article on abortion rates and policies outside of the United States:

How to make it rarer

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