Introduction Part I


This will be the first part in a series of introductory posts. And representative of the style of this site, I have zero clue how many posts there will be in the series.

I am typing while watching Lord of the Rings with my wife (I can quite literally never shut my brain off). So this will be random and wide ranging…with more clarity to come in future posts.

Personal Profile

I am a 30-year old “born again Christian” white male working in the money management industry; and I have a bizarrely intense interest in politics – an arena that simultaneously disgusts me + has very little practical bearing on my everyday life.

I abhor: political party labels, the extremes of the two major political parties in the United States, the ‘establishment’, corruption, arrogance, and the rejection of logic. And while my Christian/Capitalist background + voting history (McCain + Romney + Trump) would suggest I lean ‘Right’…I am fiercely independent, with some in the ‘middle right’ of the Right likely to consider me quite ‘Liberal’.

To use an investment analogy, politically I view myself as a ‘portfolio manager’ of political thought : with the various political thought leaders & experts acting as my ‘analysts’. For example…

I do not have the time to take 12 months to study Islam in order to form an expert opinion on the matter. But what I can do is line up Ben Shapiro + Milo Yiannopoulos + various Muslim scholars and apply pragmatic logic to the debate in order to arrive at an independently formed opinion on the matter.

Employing the investment principle “strong opinions loosely held”, I can, will and do change my mind on a dime when presented with a superior fact pattern. As such, I crave perpetual debate with all parties involved + continuous fact finding.

Site Background

I cut a wide path thru the business end of politics via the intense reading schedule demanded by my day job. Combined with a guiding life principle of the critical importance of documentation of unedited real-time thoughts, I require an outlet for my politically-oriented thoughts on what I read.

I have used my anonymous public investment journal + personal Facebook page in various levels of combination to document these thoughts. But both have proven unsatisfactory due to a dearth of outside engagement – lack of focus on the investment side; and personal ‘offense’ on the Facebook side.

So in order to create a highly focused political thought outlet, I am launching “The Pragmatic Politico” website + Pragmatic Politico Twitter feed.

Website: (will become just ‘.com’ in relatively short order)

Twitter: @Pragmatic_Pol

I have some thoughts in mind as to where I would like the site to go; but for now, the goal is highly transparent, open & honest political thought/analysis documentation + building the scale and ‘clout’ required to meet and interact with the best and brightest in the ‘political thought’ arena. Some I have in mind:

  • Joe Scarborough
  • Harold Ford, Jr.
  • Mark Halperin
  • Ben Shapiro
  • Milo Yiannopoulos
  • Lena Dunham


Upcoming posts will flesh out The Pragmatic Politico political platform…

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