Intro Part IV: TPP Platform – LGBTQ…


My views on this topic are fluid and evolving.

Like the climate debate, I believe the science is tough to refute: you cannot change your biology : as you cannot refute the fact that the earth is growing warmer.

The true debate lies in how to *deal* with the psychological aspect. A 40% suicide rate before and after gender-altering surgery is troubling.

As with homosexual intercourse and marriage, gender-altering surgery should not be made illegal.

But when it comes to basic human decency, if one believes the genetic science then I do not believe it is wrong to not allow a genetic male that *feels* that he is a woman into a male-designated bathroom.

If as a society we do move in that direction of human decency, then we should simply remove the male/female bathroom designations in order to clear up any and all confusion.

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