For those living under a political rock, my title is a play on this morning’s Bloomberg article with the title: “Top Obama Adviser Sought Names of Trump Associates in Intel”

Can one honestly fathom the reaction from the Mainstream Media (MSM) were this the headline in early April 2009? No, one cannot, as the MSM would have been absolutely unhinged, more than likely calling for the placement of Bush and Cheney in a Texas capital punishment line.

As Joe Scarborough wisely said this morning on Morning Joe (paraphrasing), as Republicans should support an investigation into Trump Team/Russia collusion, Democrats should be in equal support of investigating the rapidly mounting evidence that the Obama Team inappropriately exploited its National Security powers. I will take it a step further and say that any Trump supporter that does not support getting to the bottom of the Trump Team/Russia connection is dumb – very dumb. If Trump and/or his team as a whole colluded with Russia to “Wiki Leak” the HRC campaign to political death, then he should be impeached ASAP. So with those niceties out of the way…

As I said on my Facebook feed on March 6, it is not even remotely outside the realm of possibility that Obama gave the ‘ole “wink wink, nod nod” to go take a peak at the Trump Team, given:

  • Obama IRS targeting of conservative groups
  • The Russian “hot mic” incident
  • The Clinton Foundation implodes after HRC goes down in political flames
  • BJ Clinton meets Loretta Lynch on the tarmac for a little “wink wink, nod nod” action (and perhaps a bit more)

Per usual, Trump was over the top with his claim that Obama personally directed wire tapping of Trump Tower. But if one follows  the “Trump Interpretation Framework” of “take him seriously not literally”, then one would interpret that tweet as highlighting precisely what this morning’s revelation of Susan Rice’s activities reveals: The rapidly mounting evidence that the Obama Team more than likely overstepped its National Security bounds out of political spite for Trump.

If one is still perturbed at the notion that someone as “mentally unfit” as Trump is POTUS, look no further than this Susan Rice revelation. Americans that live and operate outside of the MSM bubble – and everything that it represents – no longer need to wonder if “Homeland” or “House of Cards” are accurate in their depiction of the corruption within the DC political apparatus. It is real. And it is PRECISELY why Donald J. Trump is not only currently POTUS, but more than likely an 8-year POTUS.

Get. Used. To. It.

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