Harrisburg, PA: The Best and Worst of President Trump

President Trump’s rally in Harrisburg, PA Saturday evening – concurrent with the White House Correspondence Dinner – was vintage Trump: Master orator, exaggerator, political genius, liar, America-first Nationalist, and elitist Globalist…all in one. Never Trumpers and supporters can each point to *something*:

  • Never Trumpers see incompetent chaos that “validates” their rage; supporters see the stick of dynamite they rolled into D.C. detonating as planned
  • Never Trumpers see Twitter as Trump’s brain toilet; supporters see Twitter as “sticking it to the man”
  • Never Trumpers see xenophobia; supporters see National Security
  • Never Trumpers see a “lost” armada; supporters see the “mad man” theory
  • Never Trumpers claim climate denier; supporters claim “It’s the economy, stupid”

For months, my working Trump theory has been: Chaos at the surface, high-powered policy beneath it. In the first 100 days, nothing has changed.


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