Bernie Sanders is a Liar

Bernie Sanders has many problems – chief among them the 1985 support of Cuba’s Fidel Castro-led economic holocaust. But the following video is just a beautiful representation of the insanity of Never Trumpers.

In a flat out lie, Sanders claims Trump’s “Muslim ban” was appropriately struck down by the courts. This is just absurd; and it continues to be peddled by the Never Trump crowd. It was/is a travel ban on a select few terror-prone regions identified by the Obama Administration as countries lacking an appropriate venting system. Plain and simple.

Trump’s original call for a “Muslim ban” during the campaign had nothing to do with Muslims, and everything to do with national security. Could he have handled it a bit more delicately? Per usual, of course. But the American public is sick and tired of political correctness inhibiting a balanced analysis of what could potentially be considered a political ideology as much as it is considered a religion.

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