President Trump on a Cliff’s Edge

To date I have framed the Trump presidency as: Chaos at the top, high-powered policy below. Until the policy agenda advanced, I have cited the team Trump has put into place – Mattis, Tillerson, Cohn, Ross, and eventually McMaster – as primary evidence of the latter. And with regard to the former, I am personally comfortable with political bomb throwing, as I believe the disgustingly arrogant, elitist political bubble needs to be pricked and that Trump is the perfect vessel for such.

But unfortunately Trump appears to have ventured to the edge of a political cliff. Simply put: If the Comey memo is made public, indicating obstruction of justice beyond a reasonable doubt, Trump is toast.

The seemingly strange timing of Comey’s firing and the sharing of intel with the Russians are survivable: Trump’s decision to fire Comey was backed by Kushner and Pence; and the Russian incident is no different than the foreign policy shenanigans of the Obama Administration. But the Comey memo potentially represents the first hard piece of evidence (according to reports, FBI meeting notes are admissible as evidence) that Trump actually did something wrong. Understandably, the political Left and the Mainstream Media are hyperventilating at the possibility of impeachment; and if Trump did in fact attempt to squash the Russian investigation, then he should be impeached. Hands down.

But until the Comey memo is in hand, I have some questions…

(1) Is Trump seriously dumb enough to give Comey the “boot” knowing full well there could be documented evidence of obstruction of justice? A man so paranoid that he supposedly taped phone calls throughout his business career? Without the Comey memo in hand, I simply do not buy it. And after hearing the following from a Never Trumper today, I really do not buy it: “I absolutely think he’s politically stupid enough to do this. Nothing he has said in the last 18 months would lead me to believe he’s of sound mind.”

Again – if the Comey memo clearly outlines obstruction of justice, Trump needs to go. But with the Mainstream Media wanting nothing more than to take Trump down, I will believe this level of stupidity when I see it.

(2) How is it that the New York Times was unable to read the Comey memo itself, let alone obtain a copy? It is an unclassified document, if it exists, and highly likely to find its way into investigators’ hands in the near future – so what is the deal? Seriously, I want to know.

(3) If Trump attempted to squash the Russian investigation, why did Comey keep a lid on the “memo” until now?

(4) In the Lester Holt interview (below) Trump clearly stated that he knew firing Comey would prolong the Russian investigation, but that he wanted it handled competently. Again – if he fired Comey knowing full well there was documented evidence of obstruction of justice, and parading around these types of statements, this is a level of stupidity beyond comprehension. Also again, I will believe it when I see it.

(5) Assuming tonight’s Politico article is accurate, why would Trump react as follows to the announcement of a special prosecutor if he is guilty?

“He didn’t yell or scream. He told the assembled crowd they had nothing to hide.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

For documentation purposes, I will conclude with the video of Trump’s interview with Jeanine Pirro that aired Saturday evening:

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