Climate Change Insanity

Per usual, NYT and WSJ reporting on the Paris Climate Accord (PCA) this morning is well-representative of both sides of the issue, with the NYT hyperventilating about the devastating global effects of an American exit with little empirical evidence to back its claim…and the WSJ calmly walking thru the case for why, perhaps, the PCA – a global pact not approved by Congress – is not in America’s best economic interest.

Since we live in a social media-driven world of toddler-like attention spans, before moving on I must reiterate my well-documented stance (please see here, here, here and here) that Climate Change should be the most bipartisan issue in politics. The political Right should stop questioning the math that the earth is more than likely to see its temperature rise by 2 degrees and its water level by 2 feet over the course the next several decades; while the political Left should stop hyperventilating about an oncoming climate crisis that, in its opinion, requires an all-hands-on-deck economic growth-stifling regulatory program. Both sides can have their cake and eat it too by utilizing the federal government balance sheet to make long-term investments in clean energy technology…while keeping its regulatory mitts off of the free market. So with that said…

The NYT’s front page above-the-fold climate report this morning is simply too much to take, starting with the title (print version):

“World’s Unity On Warming Pivots on U.S.”

So according to the NYT, the entire globe is unified on how to address Climate Change. Really? So is that why China – the world’s largest carbon emitter – can continue increasing its carbon footprint thru 2030…while the US must reduce its emissions by 27% from 2005 levels by 2025?


“Exit From Paris Deal Would Imperil Poor”

If one knows where to begin with this statement please feel free to reach out. Last I checked, the vast majority of those who live on the water – and are thus at the most direct risk of a rising ocean – are quite emphatically not “poor”.

And lastly, the opening paragraph:

The United States, with its love of big cars, big houses and blasting air-conditioners, has contributed more than any other country to the atmospheric carbon dioxide that is scorching the planet.”

The derogatory nature of this paragraph is appalling; and is quintessential Obama/Merkel-led, disgustingly arrogant “you didn’t build that”-anti-business, global liberal elitist policy.

As stated in last night’s post, it would be far easier to take the political Left seriously on this issue if it did not vehemently oppose the very “fracking” technology that has driven a material portion of US carbon emissions, nor refuse to invest in nuclear power.


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