Dear POTUS Trump,

As recently outlined by the socialist-leaning David Brooks of the New York Times – i.e. the leader of the “Resistance” – you are all but officially exonerated of all collusion and obstruction charges. With the federal government leaking faster than a popped balloon, if there was hard evidence of a crime we would have seen it by now.

Again, as Brooks recently outlined, even the most disciplined, by-the-book historic presidential figure would likely succumb to the urge to fight back. Brooks is your enemy, yet he feels your pain. So you better believe those who support you do as well. 

But Mr. President, as one of the most fervant supporters of your two-speed agenda – i.e. simultaneous annihilation of the disgustingly arrogant, Obama/Merkel-led global political elite + implementation of one of the, if not THE, most business-friendly political agendas in modern American history – please, please, please leave the Bob Mueller-led special counsel alone and let it officially exonerate you from all unofficial charges. I am begging you. 

By picking at the Russian scab, you do nothing but feed the beast that is the Mainstream Media. With even your enemies admitting your innocence, the special counsel, ironically, is likely the best thing that could have happened, as it allows you to compartmentalize that part of the newsflow and focus on your agenda. Unless you have something to truly hide, the special counsel walls off the controversy. LEAVE. IT. ALONE. PLEASE. 

You are deregulating the American economy at the fastest pace in history; the GOP wouldn’t dare vote to leave the ACA in place with tax reform on the doorstep; your democratic inner circle has brilliantly boxed in the Democrat Party on tax reform via the State & Local tax deduction; Secretary Ross is renegotiating out-dated trade deals; and you are reasserting American power abroad. Please let the special counsel do its job and maintain maniacal focus on this unbelievable agenda. Nothing will put your party in 2018 and you in 2020 in better position than the enactment of a high-powered agenda. GET. IT. DONE. PLEASE. 

And lastly – as demonstrated by the Democrat Party’s all-out sprint to the Bernie Sanders’ wing of the “party”, your transactional, pragmatic political ideology has placed the GOP in almost picture-perfect position to officially bury the political Left, in current form, once and for all. Nothing will speed the burial process faster than said implementation of a high-powered agenda. 

Please, please, please leave the special counsel alone and limit Twitter activity to highly targeted, truthful, legal attacks on political opponents and policy musings. 

I am begging you. 



The Pragmatic Politico 

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