The Socialists are Coming 

In response to the Democrat Party’s embarrassing display in the five “critical” special elections in 2017, inevitably party “leaders” will conclude that the party platform must move farther left. This response is inevitable because Trump is a non-ideological centrist, formerly a Democrat and currently surrounded by registered Democrats; thus a party platform aimed solely at opposing Trump by definition must move left.

We see this move in four areas by four different individuals/entities: Single payer in California; David Brooks’ focus on using government funds to fix America’s broken family structure; Bernie Sanders complete and utter lack of brain power with regard to the definition of religious freedom; and most critically, the call for “Universal Basic Income” by Mark Zuckerberg.

Single Payer. The Democrat Party’s number one issue, by far, is healthcare. The GOP is too blinded by its love of the free market to acknowledge that the free market simply will not provide affordable healthcare insurance for those outside of the employer-based healthcare insurance market. As stated ad nauseum on these pages, the federal government must fund this market. But as demonstrated recently in California, the Left is now racing to the extreme in effort to move to the left of Trump. They simply cannot help themselves, and have now in effect made single payer healthcare insurance the 2020 presidential calling card.

Again, as stated ad nauseum in these pages, I believe the federal government should simply expand Medicaid to the remaining 28 million uninsured. It is really that simple. But what the Democrat Party wants to do – starting in California – is have the government take over the entire market – funding and implementation. And as proposed in California, the employer-based market would be replaced as well.

This is disastrous. And if the California model is the template for the future, I would gladly support the GOP’s ACA replacement(s) in current form in order to counterbalance the threat of a full government takeover…knowing full well that when push comes to shove Medicaid funding is highly unlikely to ultimately be cut to the degree in which the GOP has proposed.

Family. In a recent column David Brooks outlines one of the, if not THE, leading causes of our fraying social fabric at lower income levels: The lost father. But after throwing a pity party for these irresponsible individuals, he closes with the following:

“The stable two-parent family is what we want. A few economic support programs and a confident social script could make an enormous difference in getting us there.”

Again, he just cannot help himself – it all goes back to the government. Nary a mention of personal responsibility being far and away the number one remedy. For Heaven’s sakes.

Religion. I am currently struggling with where to rank the following video of Bernie Sanders berating a born again Christian for his moral compass…relative to the infamous 1985 video of him providing a full-throated support of Fidel Castro’s economic holocaust in the name of universal healthcare and education.

This is complete and utter insanity, demonstrating for all to see how the present and future Democrat Party stands on the issues of religious freedom and free speech.

Compounding the matter is Sanders’ implicit support of Islam. Not only is Islam at best on par with Christianity (and every other legitimate religion), it is very, very much up in the air whether it is in fact more of a political ideology than a religion, and thus perhaps undeserving of typical religious protection under the 1st Amendment.

According to Pew, approximately 8 percent of US Muslims believe that suicide bombing is at least sometimes justified. This is highly disturbing and worthy of discussion…at minimum. Not to mention the legitimate security concerns of ex. Muslims, per this recent discussion facilitated by Sam Harris.

UBI. Mark Zuckerberg’s recent proposal at a Harvard commencement speech that the Country explore the possibility of implementing a Universal Basic Income welfare check is quinessential representation of where the political Left is headed.

The greatest economic machine in the history of mankind that is America’s free market inherently creates winners and losers. And the losers who are truly incapable of lifting themselves out of their plight must be cared for – hence a social safety net. But the notion that our citizens would be better off in the long run by redistributing economic growth from the hard working and fortunate to the lazy and unfortunate-yet-capable is nonsense. It’s insanity. And Suckerberg knows it.

There is no greater country on planet earth for equality of economic opportunity. But simply because someone has a different set of skills that are more highly rewarded in the free marketplace does not mean someone less skilled has a right to a portion of the higher skilled individual’s income stream. Work harder and/or develop a new set of skills. Nowhere in our constitution does it declare an inalienable right to a portion of someone else’s earnings. If Suckerberg feels guilty that he is so rich, nobody is stopping him from giving away his Facebook stock TODAY.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

If the Democrat Party continues to move in the socialist direction, President Trump and the GOP have – without exaggeration – a generational opportunity to shape a truly independent political center for 75 percent of the American electorate to rally around. I saw this potential for Trump from the beginning, hence the launch of The Pragmatic Politico; but my conviction is only growing with every inch of movement in the socialist direction.

This movement is being driven in large part by idiot Millennials who support socialist economic policies 110% due to ignorance. I was once in my late teens and early twenties: You do not know anything about the real world at that age. And for a disturbing percentage of today’s Millennial cohort, living in daddy’s basement while working at Starbucks is not the real world. GET. A. JOB.

It is said that political generations revolt against the extremes of the prior generation. This means the children of today’s socialist Millennial generation are likely to be quite conservative. As such, the current Democrat Party is doing enormous LT damage to its “brand” by kowtowing to a generation that wants to sit back and suck off the federal government teat.

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