China’s Climate “Leadership” 

In just a fantastic display of affirmation of Trump’s rejection of the Paris Climate Accord, the New York Times – i.e. the leader of the “Resistance” – buried this article on China’s massive projected expansion of coal generation. 

This is the country global political “leaders” held up as the filler of the void left by America’s “disgraceful” exit from Paris. Just pathetic. 

America is the undisputed leader of CO2 reduction in the developed world. And while we should and likely will continue to bridge the gap to standalone viability of the Clean Energy industry (i.e. wind subsidies, etc), it is our free market system that will allow us to expand our lead in CO2 reduction in the coming decades. 

“America First” does not mean exiting our position as world leader; it means reinforcing that position by placing American interests above the global economic redistribution efforts of the disgustingly arrogant, Obama/Merkel-led global political elite. 

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