Deconstruction of the Regulatory State 

The front page of the June 30 edition of the New York Times – i.e. the leader of the “Resistance” – perfectly captures the Trump “phenomenon”: Chaos at the surface, that is the complete and utter annihilation of the global political elite + high-powered policy implementation beneath. In this case, the chaos is represented by the feud between Trump and Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, and the policy implementation by Scott Pruitt’s use of a “Red Team/Blue Team” analysis for climate science.

On June 29, after quite literally daily questioning of his mental fitness by Joe and Mika, Trump exploded on Twitter. The Mainstream Media, of course, immediately condemned Trump for being sexist and thin-skinned…with zero context to the situation. Were the tweets inappropriate in isolation? Of course. But were they more than justified in context? Absolutely.

Mika’s “shtick” is to “know your worth” as a woman. She is a host on a major network making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. If she can’t take the heat of being treated like a man (Trump called her “low IQ” and Joe “psycho”), then she should find a new line of work. And with regard to Trump’s thin skin (he reacted specifically to Mika calling his hands “small” the morning of June 30)…after months of daily questioning of one’s mental fitness by two former friends, who wouldn’t explode?

Is Trump a bull in a china shop? Yes. But this feud with Joe and Mika is precisely the type of chaos he was sent to D.C. to impart. Joe and Mika live and operate in the small, pathetic, irrelevant media bubble that average Americans so despise. So when Trump calls them out for their disgusting hypocrisy, he is merely doing what he was called to do.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

So while the chaos is entertaining, it is the implementation of the most business-friendly policy agenda in modern American history that is riveting. Does the GOP have its work cut out on healthcare and tax reform? Of course. But those take time, and I have yet to see a single shard of evidence those reform efforts are fatally stalled.

In the meantime, Scott Pruitt’s deconstruction of the regulatory state is, truly, Herculean. He is moving at breakneck speed; and as outlined in the opening paragraph above, in one of the best possible bipartisan efforts, he is seeking to conduct a bipartisan “Red Team/Blue Team” analysis on climate science.

As I wrote about in an April post, the “Red Team/Blue Team” framework was proposed by the Obama Administration’s Undersecretary of Energy for Science, Steven Koonin in an April op-ed for the WSJ. It is one of the most bipartisan frameworks Pruitt could employ in order to resolve the climate debate once and for all; yet the New York Times – i.e. the leader of the “Resistance” – scoffs at Pruitt’s use of the framework, claiming it is unecessarily giving “dissenters” a voice in the debate…as if the all-in effects of Climate Change are a 110% scientific given.

The political Left can whine and moan all it wants about Pruitt’s deregulation efforts; but former President and community organizer Barack Hussein Obama’s gross, arrogant regulatory overreach was historic in both size and scope, and in desperate need of deconstruction. For Heaven’s sakes the SCOTUS ruled that his Clean Power Plan was unconstitutional.

Deconstruction and destruction of the administrative state.

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