Global Temperatures: 20,000 BC Style

This is a graph of global temperatures going back to 20,000 BC (sources: IPCC; Nasa; IMF) from the Financial Times this morning (i.e. a highly reputable source citing highly reputable sources).

A) The average global temperature has risen from 59 degreesFahrenheit in 20,000 BC to 66 degrees today.

B) Somewhere circa 10,000 to 5,000 BC the global temperature peaked around 65.75 degrees before declining to 64.40 degrees sometime I assume pre-industrial revolution (exact precision is tough on a scale going back to 20,000 BC).

Question 1: Has the living standard of mankind been able to progress in the face of rising temperatures since 20,000 BC?

Question 2: Is the earth on the verge of some form of catastrophe from mankind’s nefarious desire to increase its standard of living over time?



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