Patrick Maloney “SALT”

New York Democrat, Patrick Maloney, on voting to raise taxes on New York residents via repeal the State & Local Tax (SALT) deduction:

“Anybody who votes for this thing should have their head examined if they live where we do.”

* * *

The irony is just too much. A progressive taxation/soak the rich Democrat, from the second most progressive taxation/soak the rich state, wailing and moaning over a tax increase.

As outlined months ago: Trump is a Democrat working with Democrats to construct a highly bipartisan tax proposal that boxes in the extremes of both sides (Patrick Maloney on the Left, Rand Paul on the Right).

If the Left was smart, it would realize this plan is smack in line with the Democratic Party of old – Reagan Democrats, Bill Clinton moderates, etc – and sign on. But no, the agenda is: Resist Trump, Single Payer, Identity Politics, Moral Head-Patting…and apparently Sexual Harassment (Harvey Weinstein, and now Mark Halperin).

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