Political Ideology Quizzes

There is a recent Pew Research political typology study going around, with a neat quiz tied to it. But the quiz construction is odd. At the end of the quiz you answer whether you consider yourself Democrat, Republican or Independent in today’s political climate. I answered Independent, then was asked if I lean Republican or Democrat. I initially chose Republican, and was placed into the “Core Conservative” bucket:

This is absurd, because I am far from a Core Conservative. So I went back and put in all of the same answers, but chose “lean Democrat” to see what happened to the end result. I was then placed in the “Opportunity Democrats” bucket:

I would much prefer to see the resultant political demographics of this political typology study without this construction oddity.

* * *

Prior to taking the above quiz, I took another Pew Research quiz and received the following assessment:

I like the questions in the political typology quiz better, but believe this quiz results in a more accurate description. Regardless, taking both are worthwhile to get a holistic assessment of one’s ideology.

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