The New York Times: Climate Change Insanity – Part 2

Climate Change Is Complex. We’ve Got Answers to Your Questions.

“The ocean has accelerated and is now rising at a rate of about a foot per century…”

“Many experts believe that even if emissions stopped tomorrow, 15 or 20 feet of sea level rise is already inevitable, enough to flood many cities unless trillions of dollars are spent protecting them. How long it will take is unclear. But if emissions continue apace, the ultimate rise could be 80 or 100 feet.”

* * *

The “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change” (IPCC) is the gold standard for bipartisan climate data. It predicts that the sea will rise by 2 feet by the year 2100.

15 or 20 feet even if emissions stopped today? 80 or 100 if current pace is continued? Really?

The article goes on to say about natural gas fracking, THE leading contributor to our decline in emissions:

“Burning gas instead of coal in power plants reduces emissions in the short run, though gas is still a fossil fuel and will have to be phased out in the long run.”

My word.

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