The New York Times: Climate Change Insanity

Mr. Trump Nails Shut the Coffin on Climate Relief

If nothing else, Trump’s mere existence – while grotesque and incomprehensible to most – reveals the true, deep-seated anti-free market belief system of the current political Left.

Full-scale physical hyperventilation by The New York Times, an otherwise mainstream media outlet, over the mere restoration of what is “regular”, reveals as much:

“It repudiated the rock-solid scientific consensus that without swift action the consequences of climate change — widespread species extinction, more devastating droughts, more Harveys and Irmas and wildfires like those now raging in Northern California — will become more likely.”

* * *

These idiots would drive any and every form of fossil fuel production to zero in an attempt to slow the projected 2 foot rise in sea level and 7 degree rise in temperature by 2100.


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