Trump Could Be Toast – Part 2 (Sort Of)

In response to the Don Jr. emails revelation I titled my July 17 post “Trump Is Toast.” I debated inserting “(likely)” to hedge against the possibility that the emails were a one-off, but caved to the weight of the moment. This was dumb, as it rarely pays to bet against Trump, as demonstrated by the mass hysteria surrounding Charlottesville and the NFL.

I believe the Clinton/DNC funding of the Christopher Steele Trump dossier muddies the water enough to where it is highly unlikely Trump is impeached for Russian collusion. However, with Monday’s revelation that a “low-level” Trump campaign foreign policy adviser, George Papadopoulos, was told in April 2016 that “the Russians had emails of Clinton” (see image below), a path to impeachment has emerged.

If it is revealed that the Trump campaign – perhaps thru informal Trump adviser Roger Stone – worked with the Russians to take the Clinton emails public via Wikileaks, in my opinion that is close enough to collusion to force the GOP to move toward impeachment. I have no clue what the textbook/legal definition of collusion is; but politically, working with a foreign adversary to influence an election, however nefarious the opponent may be, is close enough for government work (pun intended).

This path is narrow, as I personally believe something this obvious would have come out by now. But I also take that thought with a fat grain of salt, as I thought something as obvious as the Don Jr. emails would have surfaced well before it did.

* * *

Both sides of the debate need to take an enormous horse pill. The entire situation stinks. If you are a fan of Trump, and subscribe to the belief that he is appropriately taking a bulldozer to the global political establishment (i.e. the “swamp”), the potential fact that he and his team colluded with the Russians, Clinton Crime Foundation-style, you should be really ticked, as it undermines his bulldozing credibility. Likewise, the political Left has zero choice but to be utterly ashamed of itself. The lack of in-depth investigative reporting on the Clinton Foundation, the uranium deal, and now the Trump dossier by The New York Times is utterly appalling. The NYT is the best political newspaper in the world – zero excuse.

As such, if Clinton, et al are as corrupt as it appears, and if the Trump team colluded with the Russians and Wikileaks, EVERYONE should go to jail.

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