“Crazy Bernie” for POTUS – 2020

The irony of Trump’s presence in DC is simply too much to take:

  1. He is a NY Democrat – has been his entire life; yet the political Left treats him as a hard-Right Rand Paul nut job…when in fact he is actually one of “them” circa 1996.
  2. He is leveraging the fact he is a NY Democrat to troll the political Left into going quite literally outside of their minds, SPRINTING into the “policy” arms of Bernie Sanders. 
  3. Meanwhile, Harvey Weinstein and Donna Brazille are doing yeoman’s work in confirming why the Clinton Corruption Crime Foundation imploded five seconds after she lost and the Democrat Party has ZERO moral leg to stand on with regard to anything “rights” oriented.

So to the title of this post: Short story long, Bernie Sanders has “greenmailed” the Democrat Party into “paying” him with the de facto 2020 POTUS nomination. 

I am not entirely sure why Ben Shapiro says that Sanders is likely to win in 2020. (Perhaps Shapiro is simply pushing his conservative friends to take the Sanders nomination seriously.) 

Bernie Sanders is the King Kong of anti-free market capitalism. His “policies” are a canard for Millennials living in their parents’ basements rubbing essential oils all over their unshaven, unkept selves that haven’t “the first d&mn clue” how the economy works. 

For all of my frustrated ranting about the lack of focus on policy, it is highly unlikely the American electorate is dumb enough to elect him. 

Put it this way: If *you* vote for Bernie simply because he sounds good and isn’t Trump, you should not be allowed to vote; if *you* do not understand the policy brilliance of the House tax reform plan – crafted by Trump, a NY Democrat, and his team of NY Democratic businessmen – and you vote for Bernie, *you* are a really, really dumb human being. 

*You* are not a socialist, or any other derogatory label such as a “deplorable” – *you* simply do not understand policy. 

If the Democrats want to “bend the arc” of their systematic implosion, they should run Jamie Dimon in 2020. 

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