The Authoritarian New York Times

In an editorial Monday, The New York Times had the following to say about President Trump v. China’s President Xi:

“In contrast to Mr. Trump’s weakness, Mr. Xi just closed a Chinese Communist Party congress at which he was elevated to the same exalted status as the nation’s founding father, Mao Zedong, by writing his name and ideas into the party Constitution. Mr. Xi was already a powerful, authoritarian leader expanding China’s reach militarily and politically, as well as economically, and he seems to have a clearer vision of where he is taking his country and how to get there, even if some of the means may be appalling.”

This is a truly astonishing paragraph, comparing a dictatorial regime with the entire country under its disgusting thumb to a democratically elected president in the freest country in the history of mankind. After eight years of President Obama actively weakening America’s presence in the world via “global redistribution” (i.e. the Paris Climate Accord, which in effect took from the US to give to developing countries) and a massively bureaucratic military “strategy” (i.e. layers upon layers of decision making, and the Iran Deal cooked up in the Oval Office with Ben Rhodes), President Trump’s emphatic reassertion of America’s global leadership is a “yuge” breath of fresh air.

But clearly I have no clue what I am talking about, as The New York Times had the following to say about Trump weakening America’s democracy prior to the quote posted above:

“Mr. Trump arrives in Asia as a wounded leader, with low ratings at home and a stalled legislative agenda, and dogged by revelations of Russian interference in the 2016 election on his behalf that have led to indictments against former advisers. His furious denunciations of the constitutional constraints he faces in trying to scuttle the investigation bring to mind the authoritarian leaders of whom he is so fond. This, along with his disregard for human rights, further diminishes the democracy that is America’s greatest source of strength and influence in the region.”

The York Times is appalling. Truly.

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