David Brooks on Taxes

Wowza does David Brooks – socialist writer for The New York Times – nail *it* with this write-up from Tuesday.

He gets it: The GOP proposal was brilliantly designed by lifelong CA/NY Democrats – Trump, Cohn, Mnuchin – to box in the Democrat Party in order to pay for corporate tax cuts & reform. It is that simple. Of course Brooks works for The NYT, so in order to retain his socialist stripes he cloaks this brilliant business-friendly plan as a socially-driven endeavor.

But he knows better. This is the most business-friendly administration to ever step foot in the Oval Office, and this plan is designed to make the US the single greatest global destination for corporate investment.

* * *

It is just really, really too bad that President Trump is letting his Twitter-led craziness getting in the way of this plan accruing to his benefit. I have learned to never, ever bet against Trump (due in large part to having sat under Maine Governor Paul LePage for 8 years); so perhaps it is accruing at the ground level with the American electorate. It is just tough to see that happening with an election result like Virginia on Tuesday.

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