The Disgusting Religious Right

Jeremy Peters of The New York Times is out this morning with a good front pager on the Alliance Defending Freedom. In short, the religious Right is disgusting – no different than the odious Obama/Merkel-led global “limousine liberal” elite that hypocritically declares those in policy disagreement with them a “Basket of Deplorables”.

“In a brief the alliance filed urging the Supreme Court not to overturn a Texas law that made homosexual activity illegal, its [ADF] lawyers described gay men as diseased and as public health risks.”

Rancid, rancid stuff.

* * *

But here’s the thing: Unlike the global liberal elite that declares anyone in policy opposition a “Basket of Deplorables,” the religious Right has been relegated to a minority position in society. Yes, Jeremy Peters brought front page attention to them today, as has the Trump Administration’s roll back of former President Obama’s judicial overreach (read: campus rape policy); but the religious Right’s power in today’s society pales in comparison to the global liberal elite.

It is time for the current form of the political Left – not the centered Left of the 1980’s and 1990’s (i.e. Reagan Democrats) – to take the hint from the ongoing global anti-establishment movement that is sweeping developed countries and eradicate the “Basket of Deplorables” approach to its “politics”. As I will continue to repeat ad nauseum, the political Left needs a Trump to take over its party and bring it to the pragmatic center. My vote: Jamie Dimon.

* * *

Notwithstanding the hypocrisy of the ADF, as outlined above, Jeremy Peters’ article highlights well the lack of a “center” in American politics today.

The First Amendment absolutely guarantees the free exercise of religion, and as long as that exercise respects the sanctity of life – **cough** Islam and the 5-10 percent of American Muslims that believe suicide bombing is at least sometimes justified – the government should not play a role in regulating such expression. If a cake baker does not want to bake a cake for a gay wedding, then let him do as he pleases and the free market decide whether he/she should remain in business.

Free markets are a powerful, powerful arbiter of right and wrong – just look at what is happening before our eyes as private news organizations attack the sexual harassment issue at a fever pitch. In today’s social media-driven instantaneous information world, how profitable could a cake baker remain if his/her reviews are flooded with the news he/she will not serve homosexuals on moral grounds? On moral grounds said “religious” cake baker appears to not realize he/she does not stand on, no less…

The fact of the matter is this: Christianity is based on the principle that we are ALL born sinners and in need of a savior. Every single one of us sin every single day. Is there a difference between deliberately living in sin, such as living with a boyfriend or girlfriend prior to marriage, or living in a homosexual marriage, and actively fighting a daily tendency to gossip, lie, or disrespect your spouse? Yes. But God, and only God, can read the heart, and only He, and He alone, knows to what disgusting extent every single one of us live in deliberate sin every single day. Christians have zero moral leg to stand on with regard to anything, let alone legislating morality.

Would Jesus Christ not have fed a homosexual couple in the feeding of the five thousand? Would Jesus Christ have denied a lifelong homosexual next to Him on the cross passage into eternity with Him if said homosexual confessed his sins and proclaimed eternal belief in Him?

* * *

Despite its firmly minority status in society, the religious Right continues to have some serious soul searching to do.

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