Fun With Blue State SALT Licks

In honor of tomorrow being the last day of white tail deer rifle season in Maine, let’s have some fun with “blue” state SALT licks.

As outlined here and everywhere months ago, the GOP tax cut & reform plan was designed by the Trump Democrats – Trump, Cohn, Mnuchin – to trap Democrats. It’s pure brilliance.

The irony of blue state bastions of odiously high tax & spend policies whining and moaning about the SALT lick being taken away is just too much. Per The New York Times yesterday:

“Oregon is not alone in its concerns. State and local officials in other high-tax, largely blue states like New York, New Jersey and California are warning the tax plan will strain budgets, shake real estate markets and prompt residents to flee expensive coastal states for places with lower taxes.”

These people consistently vote representatives in that live and breathe taxing the rich. This plan taxes the rich. Yet they whine. INCREDIBLE.

“Thomas DiNapoli, New York State’s comptroller, said that if the state and local deduction was completely eliminated, New York would come under pressure to make property or other taxes deductible at the state level. Another possible consequence is that people will just pick up and leave the state, eroding the tax base through attrition as they seek lower tax jurisdictions.

“‘If you lose that deductibility, I worry about more middle class families leaving,’ Mr. DiNapoli said. ‘If we lose the middle class and end up as a state of both ends, with those who can most afford to stay here and those who can’t afford to move because they don’t have the resources, that’s not a very positive future.'”

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