The (Likely) Irrelevance of Michael Flynn

The New York Times, of course, is hyperventilating about the Michael Flynn news, because, well: Trump, Russia, Trump, Russia. But unless Flynn makes the direct link between Papadopoulos knowing about the Clinton emails in April 2016 and the release of said emails in the summer of 2016 by Wikileaks – as the Young Don Wikileaks DMs indicate is the high probability conclusion – it is tough to see how Flynn will mortally wound Trump.

In my opinion Roger Stone is the key to unlocking the Trump/Russia collusion mystery. We know Papadopoulos knew about the Clinton emails in April 2016; we know Young Don was willing to collude with the Russians (via the June 2016 email chain); we know Young Don was in direct contact with Wikileaks; we know Roger Stone is a “dirty trickster”; we know Roger Stone had a direct line to Wikileaks; and we know that Roger Stone has wanted Donald Trump president since the 1980s.

It is just a matter of time before the Papadopoulos –> Roger Stone –> Wikileaks chain is ultimately linked. The question then becomes: Is the legal water muddied enough to where the linking of this chain does not bring down Trump? Of course it looks terrible that the Trump campaign worked directly with the Russians; but the information contained in those emails was largely true. Had the emails been substituted with a Steele Dossier-like document that allowed Wikileaks to spread demonstrably false information that brought down Clinton, that would be fatal. But those emails were real.

And with the possibility still outstanding that the FBI opened an investigation into the Trump team based on the Steele Dossier – among other FBI shenanigans (i.e. Comey deciding long before the investigation concluded that Clinton would not be indicted for deleting 33,000 emails) – I just have a tough time seeing the Papa/Stone/Wiki chain being enough to take down Trump. We shall see.

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