SCOTUS Temporarily Approves Permanent Travel Ban

In a June post on the Trump Administration’s 6-country travel ban I put the over/under on the travel ban approval at 7/2 in favor of Trump. While the temporary 6-country travel ban I was commenting on at the time was temporarily approved 6/3, the latest permanent 8-country travel ban was temporarily approved 7/2. This is wholly unsurprising given the egregious overreach of hyperventilating Leftist judges.

President Trump continues to strongly outperform on the national security front, and I look forward to delving in to his National Security Strategy in the near future.

  1. […] paper reporting, the SCOTUS is on the brink of overwhelming support of the Travel Ban. (I have long predicted a 7-2 ruling in favor of the Travel Ban.) Yet instead of owning up to its horrific call for the […]



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