The Political Brilliance of the GOP Tax Plan

It is impossible to overstate the political brilliance of the GOP tax plan. By simply repealing the SALT deduction, the Democrat-crafted tax bill (i.e. by NY Democrats Trump, Cohn and Mnunchin) boxes in the Democrat Party. After years, and years, and years of progressive high tax & spend rule in NY, NJ, and CA, we are blessed with statements such as this, courtesy of Bill de Blasio:

“‘The human impact is huge,’ Mr. de Blasio said, referring both to the higher taxes some residents would pay and to the services that could be cut as a result of the tax plan. He said his administration had tried for four years to make one of the world’s most expensive cities more affordable by providing public prekindergarten and paid sick leave. ‘And then along comes the federal government and makes the situation worse,’ he said.”

The poetic irony is just too much. With not a single shard of insincerity I can say that I would pay thousands of dollars more in personal income taxes if it meant taking down the elitist progressive bastions that are NY, NJ and CA.

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