Pro Life Abortion Support

Amidst the Cake Baker debate, abortion came up as an issue with which Christians struggle a bit with moral superiority.

It’s not complicated: If you do not believe an unborn child is a “life”, then you have every possible moral right to abort that child. Conversely, if you believe an unborn child is in fact a “life”, yet you still believe in abortion, then you are a sick, sick animal.

The Bible is clear on the intrinsic sanctity of LIFE. But it does not define what a life is outside of a standalone human being. As such, a sincere case can be made that an unborn child is not a life.

Completely and utterly unrelated to be faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I happen to believe that life begins at conception. Therefore I believe abortion is murder.

But again, reasonable human beings can sincerely disagree on when life begins. And I have no scientific evidence to support life prior to birth. It is merely a gut feeling.

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