Bannon Thrashes Romney

At a campaign rally for Roy Moore, Steve Bannon savaged Mitt Romney and his family for calling on the GOP to abandon Roy Moore. Bannon said Moore has more integrity in his pinkie than the entire Romney family. He based that claim on the fact that Moore served his country in Vietnam, while Mitt hid behind a religious exemption and his boys have done nothing in the way of armed service.

I am an enormous fan of Mitt Romney. An amazing, amazing person – the precise opposite of Roy Moore. When I first heard an overview of what Bannon said, I was appalled. But when I watched the clip (below) and stepped back to think, I have to say Bannon is dead right.

Unfortunately for my main man Mitt, this is what happens when you attempt to stake out the moral high ground. There is always something your opponent can attack you with. And service and sacrifice for your country is almost untouchable from an integrity and patriotism standpoint. Moore is an awful bigot on one hand, but highly patriotic on the other.

“Be smart”: Don’t throw stones.

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