“FrankenMoore” and the Morality Arms Race

Clearly, anything and everything with regard to morality should be removed from the political discourse. It is utterly useless.

JFK and BJ Clinton were raging sexaholics. Donald Trump admitted on video that he could grab women by the pussy on command. The “we go high when they go low” crowd of Barack and Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton canoodled with Harvey Weinstein, knowing full well what a disgusting, inhuman pig he is.

The Religious Right savaged BJ Clinton for his immorality, yet was able to look past Trump’s faults. Now it supports Roy Moore.

All of this has led to both sides of the political aisle attempting to stake out the moral high ground against the other side. Guess what: The moral high ground is an illusion. Nobody has a moral leg on which to stand.

The Religious Right can never again claim immorality disqualifies a candidate, and the political Left can never again claim that Trump has destroyed the moral compass of the GOP.

Were I an Alabama voter, I would emphatically support Roy Moore since he is the only credible candidate able to beat Doug Jones. Roy Moore is an odious candidate who has said things in the past I would not dream of saying. He is awful. Awful, awful, awful. But politics is about policy. We all live in sin every single day. We are no different than Roy Moore. We do not elect political leaders to be our pastors. That is why we have…pastors. If politics were about moral purity, we would not be able to elect anyone.

The free market, democratic system chose Roy Moore. Just like it chose Donald Trump, JFK, and BJ Clinton. Vote on policy, and stop the “basket of deplorables” morality arms race.

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