“Staggeringly Corrupt”

Beginning circa minute 38, the panel discusses whether the Mueller Special Counsel can conduct an objective investigation. (I believe that even if Mueller cannot, Trump should let it continue, since if he is innocent then the lack of objectivity will make the end conclusion all the more firm. But that is not the subject of this short post.)

Newt Gingrich is spot on when he says the gap between how the FBI handled the Clinton Email investigation and how it is handling the Trump Russia investigation is “staggeringly corrupt.” The system is not “deep state” rigged, as Rush and Alex would lead you to believe; but it is odiously corrupted in favor of the global political elites. It is disgusting, and precisely why the Trump presidency was infinitely necessary.

President Trump is at risk of impeachment if the Special Counsel finds that his campaign directly coordinated with WikiLeaks to release Clinton emails. (As I have said, I believe that connection runs thru Roger Stone.) But even if that occurred, a strong case can be made that nothing truly illegal actually took place. It would have been one thing if WikiLeaks conducted a truly “fake news” campaign, carpet bombing social media for months with fake negativity about Clinton. Instead, it released real information highly pertinent to voters’ decision making process.

Regardless, the water is so muddied with FBI corruption that, IMO, the chances of a Trump impeachment are declining precipitously by the day. In the court of public opinion, which is all that matters for an impeachment trial, the longer it takes for a direct coordination link between Trump and Russia to surface, the weaker the impact will be.

And as an aside, as Trump continues to execute on his agenda alongside deteriorating negative effects of the Trump Russia investigation, the political Left continues to place itself in increasingly dire long-term political position. Bernie Sanders + Elizabeth Warren + “Medicare for All” + minimum wage hikes + “free” college + identity politics ain’t gunna cut it.

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