Was Rubio Blackmailed?

For awhile now I have been flabbergasted at Marco Rubio and Mike Lee and their odiously non-conservative child tax credit obsession. (I am all for a job-friendly child care welfare program, but paying people to have children is insanity.) It belongs nowhere near a tax cut & reform discussion, outside of a broader budget discussion, of which this tax cut & reform bill had next to none.

My brother posited today that perhaps Rubio is being blackmailed due to his well known background of sleeping around on his wife. I think this is a perfectly plausible explanation given what is currently going on in Washington.

Candidate Trump’s assessment of Rubio after a primary debate was spot on: He’s a “melt down guy” who “sweats.” Let’s just hope his philandering comes out before any thoughts of a 2020 run for POTUS become a reality.

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