Adam Cote on Guns

Adam Cote’s stance on guns is further evidence of the politically independent niche he continues to carve out in the on-going race for Maine governor. (Side bar: Along with Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania, the national Democratic party should be backing Adam Cote full-stop in order to turn its policy future around. In short, the Democrats need a non-Trump Trump to lead it out of the policy doldrums, which is precisely what Lamb and Cote are.) With a military background Cote has the necessary working knowledge of how firearms actually work in order to craft Second Amendment-friendly legislation. His gun safety platform is best summarized by his stance on “assault” weapons:

“As someone who actually understands weapons, here’s what that means – there really is no such thing as an “assault weapon.” What we need to do is prevent people from having high-capacity magazines that allow them to shoot any weapon 30-times down range without reloading.”

* * *

Cote is conducting his campaign in a textbook “independent” manner, one in which gives both sides of the aisle something to complain about. The political Left likely hates his open support of the Second Amendment, while the Right likely hates the fact he participated in yet another Leftist demonstration march. This is perfect.

And while I have not discussed abortion with Cote, my guess is that he has a similarly independent approach, one in which he separates the personal from the political. As a father of five, I would place big money on him being personally pro life; but from a political/legal perspective he would likely cede perhaps the first trimester to those who believe an unborn child is part of the mother’s body and thus its “life” is at her discretion.

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