There Was Trump/Russia Collusion – Case Closed

The Trump/Russia collusion case is as follows:

  1. George Papadopoulos knew about the hacked Clinton/DNC emails in April 2016
  2. Donald Trump Jr. said “I love it” at the prospect of collusion in July 2016
  3. The Clinton/DNC emails were released in July 2016
  4. Donald Trump Jr. directly messaged WikiLeaks over Twitter in September 2016
  5. “Dirty Trickster” Roger Stone is pen pals with WikiLeaks

* * *

Since the July 2017 revelation of Donald Trump Jr’s “I love it” email chain, I have been very consistent in my belief that the Trump Campaign explicitly colluded and coordinated with Russia. The body of evidence has only grown in size and clarity, and President Trump’s increasingly erratic behavior with regard to his legal team and the Mueller Investigation serves as tacit confirmation.

In various forums (Facebook and text message) I have consistently said that it is just a matter of time until The New York Times reports that Roger Stone was the direct link between the Russian email hackers and WikiLeaks. But based on this NBC report in February, I need to revise that prediction to include “unless Mueller beats them to it.”

* * *

Past write-ups on the issue:


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