The NYT Pooping Itself Constitutionally

The New York Times continues to dazzle us with its complete disregard for the constitutional underpinnings of our great democracy. Core to the underpinning is the neutral arbiter status of the federal court system and the SCOTUS.

The Ninth District chose to go activist in an attempt to thwart the “authoritarian” Donald Trump, and recently The NYT gave a full throated support of this unconstitutional judicial activism ahead of the SCOTUS’s ruling on the Travel Ban.

According to The NYT’s own physical paper reporting, the SCOTUS is on the brink of overwhelming support of the Travel Ban. (I have long predicted a 7-2 ruling in favor of the Travel Ban.) Yet instead of owning up to its horrific call for the SCOTUS to ignore the constitution, The NYT changed the headline of the online version of the same article (linked above) to indicate skepticism toward the Travel Ban.


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