Did “Ye” Just Single-Handedly Destroy The Democrat Party?

In his recently-released rap battle with TI, Kanye West said (2:20): “Lotta people agree with me but they too scared to speak up.”

I have long said that President Trump is in the process of single-handedly destroying the Democrat Party as we know it today, so I am giving Kanye too much credit with my title. But Kanye may have just put the final nail in the coffin.

Trump is a Democrat – always has been, always will be; he is quite emphatically NOT a white supremacist; he is the most economic growth/jobs-friendly president in modern American history; and he has ripped the odious political correctness of the global political elite up by the root. In other words, none of what Kanye is saying should come as a surprise to the political Left – and those in power should be scared, as Kanye likely just ripped the Band-Aid off of black support for Trump.

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