Roger Stone Is A Liar – Part 2

Maggie Haberman is out this morning with a column on the recent CNBC report that Mueller is looking at Roger Stone’s relationship with Rick Gates. Haberman spoke with Stone by phone.

“But Mr. Stone has insisted that he had no prior knowledge and that he was acting off what the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, had said publicly that summer, as well as information from his longtime associate Randy Credico, who had contacts close to Mr. Assange.

“‘Did I want to know what WikiLeaks had? Of course I did,’ Mr. Stone said on Monday, adding, ‘I still never had any advance knowledge of the content, or the form, or the exact timing’ of when the emails would be leaked.

“‘I never got any material including allegedly hacked emails from WikiLeaks or Assange and passed them on to Donald Trump,’ Mr. Stone said. ‘I never got anything from the Russians, whoever that is.'”

* * *

Roger Stone is a well-known liar. Think about the last part of the quote above: Why would Stone funnel emails from Assange to Trump? That’s nonsense, and a classic slippery statement by the “Dirty Trickster”.

The fact of the matter is that all publicly available evidence points to Roger Stone acting as the intermediary between Russian hackers and Julian Assange. We know the Trump Campaign knew about the hacked Russian emails in April 2016, and that Trump Jr. and Stone were in direct contact with WikiLeaks via Twitter’s direct messaging system. Until proven otherwise, I will continue to pound the table on the likelihood of a forthcoming Mueller report officially closing the Russia-Trump-Stone-WikiLeaks circle.

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