Mueller Closing In On Trump/Russia Collusion

In a poorly named (by the PPH editorial team) op-ed to the Portland Press Herald last month, I said:

“If The Times does not beat him to it with an inside scoop, I suspect there is one final Mueller report to come that officially confirms a Trump campaign-coordinated handoff of Russian-hacked DNC-Clinton emails from Russia to WikiLeaks.”

Evidence in support of this outcome is rapidly building (see here, here, here, and here), courtesy of New York Times and Washington Post reporting over the last several days. Given the extent of the reporting I am honestly shocked the Roger Stone-facilitated hand-off of Clinton emails from Russia to WikiLeaks has not yet been confirmed by The Times and The Post; but this is likely due to Mueller running an air-tight investigation.

The most damning report came courtesy of Reuters, yesterday, outlining the fact Mueller is tightening the noose on Roger Stone. As I have said ad nauseum, Roger Stone was the key facilitator.

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