The Blue Wave Is Still Dead

According to a barrage of recent generic ballot polling the Democrats’ lead has widened out again to D+7.6. Democrats should not take comfort. The anti-Trump, single-payer platform is NOT working.

The chief reason for the widening is (likely) a weak stock market. Generic ballot polling acts with a lag versus the market, and the market weakness from mid-April into early May is just now feeding thru to polling data. With the market rallying, and set up well for continued rallying, the spread is highly likely to continue its trek toward zero. Tuesday’s California primary results underpin this conclusion.

Per a WSJ Karl Rove op-ed this week, in six of seven key Clinton-carried House districts in California Republicans garnered more votes than Democrats. In the supposed heart of the anti-Trump “Resistance”, this is a hideous result.

May the “Blue Wave” RIP.

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