Trump Single-Handedly Destroys Elizabeth Warren

The anti-Trump crowd is fond of claiming they are “determined, not deranged” (to paraphrase the unfortunately named Charles Blow of The NYT). I’m fond of saying that the denial of the existence of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (“TDS”) is a strong indicator that one is possessed of the syndrome. It’s not rocket science – all it takes is but a five minute monthly sampling of the formerly well-balanced Morning Joe to observe TDS in real gory time. But for the sake of argument let’s say that still more proof is/was needed to confirm TDS’s existence. Enter, Elizabeth Warren.

President Trump has rightly mocked her for months/years for claiming she is of Native American heritage. She had no comeback, so the proper strategy would have been to admit her gaffe and move on with her dead-on-arrival 2020 presidential campaign. But in an amazing, amazing display of not only the existence of TDS but the extent to which Trump has driven his opponents literally out of their minds, Elizabeth Warren proudly took Trump up on his offer to pay her favorite charity $1 million if a DNA test confirmed she is of Native American heritage. She discussed the horrifying results via a campaign video, as if she had won the argument.

The DNA test revealed that she has Native American pedigree 6 to 10 generations ago, which the Cherokee Nation promptly dismissed as an insult to actual Native Americans. A complete and utter Joke. Warren just handed her scalp to Trump on a MAGA rally platter.

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