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“Staggeringly Corrupt”

Beginning circa minute 38, the panel discusses whether the Mueller Special Counsel can conduct an objective investigation. (I believe that even if Mueller cannot, Trump should let it continue, since if he is innocent then the lack of objectivity will make the end conclusion all the more firm. But that is not the subject of ...


Roy Moore v. Doug Jones

Today I posed a simple question to two family members: If you were the deciding vote between Moore and Jones, for whom would you vote? (Write-ins and no-votes not allowed.) One reluctantly voted for Moore based on policy (but said would not come within a hundred miles of a voting booth in reality), the other ...


Trump in Pensacola, FL

IMO this is President Trump's best campaign-style speech yet. He is really hitting his stride, which only enhances the consistent, brilliant oratory framework he employs in these speeches. Truly, inspiring.


Bannon Thrashes Romney

At a campaign rally for Roy Moore, Steve Bannon savaged Mitt Romney and his family for calling on the GOP to abandon Roy Moore. Bannon said Moore has more integrity in his pinkie than the entire Romney family. He based that claim on the fact that Moore served his country in Vietnam, while Mitt hid ...

“FrankenMoore” and the Morality Arms Race

Clearly, anything and everything with regard to morality should be removed from the political discourse. It is utterly useless. JFK and BJ Clinton were raging sexaholics. Donald Trump admitted on video that he could grab women by the pussy on command. The "we go high when they go low" crowd of Barack and Michelle Obama ...


The New York Times: Inside Trump’s Hour-by-Hour Battle for Self-Preservation

Fantastic, hilarious overview of a day-in-the-life of President Trump. And yes, Trump is one of the most politically brilliant creatures to ever grace the Oval Office.


The (Likely) Irrelevance of Michael Flynn

The New York Times, of course, is hyperventilating about the Michael Flynn news, because, well: Trump, Russia, Trump, Russia. But unless Flynn makes the direct link between Papadopoulos knowing about the Clinton emails in April 2016 and the release of said emails in the summer of 2016 by Wikileaks - as the Young Don Wikileaks ...