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Pro Life Abortion Support

Amidst the Cake Baker debate, abortion came up as an issue with which Christians struggle a bit with moral superiority. It's not complicated: If you do not believe an unborn child is a "life", then you have every possible moral right to abort that child. Conversely, if you believe an unborn child is in fact ...


The Cake Baker

I started The Pragmatic Politico blog in order to build a political platform that could fill the void that has been created in American politics. I am building said platform on the premise that for the vast majority of issues we can, no pun intended, have our cake and eat it too. The Cake Baker ...


The Political Brilliance of the GOP Tax Plan

It is impossible to overstate the political brilliance of the GOP tax plan. By simply repealing the SALT deduction, the Democrat-crafted tax bill (i.e. by NY Democrats Trump, Cohn and Mnunchin) boxes in the Democrat Party. After years, and years, and years of progressive high tax & spend rule in NY, NJ, and CA, we ...


The Economist: Does China play fair?

Good short-form piece by The Economist from back in September, outlining a three-pronged framework for dealing with China: Illegal competition --> IP theft Intense, but legal competition --> cheaper products on a quality-adjusted basis Unfair competition --> State-backed cost of capital


SCOTUS Temporarily Approves Permanent Travel Ban

In a June post on the Trump Administration's 6-country travel ban I put the over/under on the travel ban approval at 7/2 in favor of Trump. While the temporary 6-country travel ban I was commenting on at the time was temporarily approved 6/3, the latest permanent 8-country travel ban was temporarily approved 7/2. This is ...


How Jesus Would Respond to the “Disgusting Religious Right”

In a November 23 post I said the following with regard to the odious hypocrisy of the Religious Right: "The fact of the matter is this: Christianity is based on the principle that we are ALL born sinners and in need of a savior. Every single one of us sin every single day. Is there ...


The GOP Sucks

Both sides of the political aisle suck. Badly. The political Left has no agenda outside of "Medicare for All", minimum wage hikes, "free" college, and identity politics, so we can excuse the complete and utter lack of constructive input throughout the tax cut & reform debate. Let's focus on how badly the GOP sucks, since ...