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The NYT Pooping Itself Constitutionally

The New York Times continues to dazzle us with its complete disregard for the constitutional underpinnings of our great democracy. Core to the underpinning is the neutral arbiter status of the federal court system and the SCOTUS. The Ninth District chose to go activist in an attempt to thwart the "authoritarian" Donald Trump, and recently ...


SCOTUS Temporarily Approves Permanent Travel Ban

In a June post on the Trump Administration's 6-country travel ban I put the over/under on the travel ban approval at 7/2 in favor of Trump. While the temporary 6-country travel ban I was commenting on at the time was temporarily approved 6/3, the latest permanent 8-country travel ban was temporarily approved 7/2. This is ...


Trump’s Travel Ban Heads to the SCOTUS

By default, President Trump leads with an extreme position in order to draw attention to a more subtle underlying problem - an opening "bid" within a broader negotiating framework those sick and tired of "political correctness" find refreshing. But with respect to trade policy and immigration, even adjusting for his negotiating approach he appears to ...