Why The Democrats Are Likely To Lose In 2018

A Democrat Party loss in the 2018 midterms would be: loss of seats in the Senate, and failure to take the House. With the Real Clear Politics Generic Ballot currently sitting at D+6, the headline odds point to a Democrat "victory" - call it 75 percent (i.e. 25 percent chance of "loss"). Looking at the ...


Nonsense Title By The Portland Press Herald

I recently submitted an op-ed to the Portland Press Herald entitled "The Case for Trump/Russia Collusion." The PPH ran the op-ed, but with the title "Democrats need policy response to Trump, not just impeachment goal" and subtitle "Even if collusion is confirmed, it's not necessarily grounds to expel the president." This was highly misleading, as ...


Roger Stone Is A Liar – Part 2

Maggie Haberman is out this morning with a column on the recent CNBC report that Mueller is looking at Roger Stone's relationship with Rick Gates. Haberman spoke with Stone by phone. "But Mr. Stone has insisted that he had no prior knowledge and that he was acting off what the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, had ...


Did “Ye” Just Single-Handedly Destroy The Democrat Party?

In his recently-released rap battle with TI, Kanye West said (2:20): "Lotta people agree with me but they too scared to speak up." I have long said that President Trump is in the process of single-handedly destroying the Democrat Party as we know it today, so I am giving Kanye too much credit with my ...


The NYT Pooping Itself Constitutionally

The New York Times continues to dazzle us with its complete disregard for the constitutional underpinnings of our great democracy. Core to the underpinning is the neutral arbiter status of the federal court system and the SCOTUS. The Ninth District chose to go activist in an attempt to thwart the "authoritarian" Donald Trump, and recently ...


Quinnipiac Generic Poll Tightening

The Real Clear Politics generic ballot summary currently sits at D+7. This is bad. But things could be starting to move against Democrats as evidenced by the collapse in their Quinnipiac lead. The Quinnipiac generic ballot poll has tracked well the unfavorability of the GOP, rising to as high as D+15 in February. So the ...


Roger Stone is a Liar

To the surprise of nobody who pays attention, the Mueller special counsel is looking into "Dirty Trickster" Roger Stone's ties to WikiLeaks. Stone is a known liar. Of course he was working directly with WikiLeaks to release the Russian-hacked DNC/Podesta/Clinton emails.

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