The NYT Pooping Itself Constitutionally

The New York Times continues to dazzle us with its complete disregard for the constitutional underpinnings of our great democracy. Core to the underpinning is the neutral arbiter status of the federal court system and the SCOTUS. The Ninth District chose to go activist in an attempt to thwart the "authoritarian" Donald Trump, and recently ...


Quinnipiac Generic Poll Tightening

The Real Clear Politics generic ballot summary currently sits at D+7. This is bad. But things could be starting to move against Democrats as evidenced by the collapse in their Quinnipiac lead. The Quinnipiac generic ballot poll has tracked well the unfavorability of the GOP, rising to as high as D+15 in February. So the ...


Roger Stone is a Liar

To the surprise of nobody who pays attention, the Mueller special counsel is looking into "Dirty Trickster" Roger Stone's ties to WikiLeaks. Stone is a known liar. Of course he was working directly with WikiLeaks to release the Russian-hacked DNC/Podesta/Clinton emails.


Probability of Two-Term Trump Presidency Rising

For someone well-versed in the follies of forecasting (working as a professional money manager), even I am stunned at the accuracy of my January 2017 op-ed laying out the case for a two-term Trump presidency. I outlined three pillars and three risks: Trump's base will never leave him, his economic agenda is a gigantic ball ...


Adam Cote on Guns

Adam Cote's stance on guns is further evidence of the politically independent niche he continues to carve out in the on-going race for Maine governor. (Side bar: Along with Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania, the national Democratic party should be backing Adam Cote full-stop in order to turn its policy future around. In short, the Democrats ...


2018: The Year of Trade – Part 3

As the entire world melts down over President Trump's eminently predictable (see here and here), yet seemingly erratic moves on trade policy, I am thoroughly enjoying sitting back and analyzing the ins and outs of the much-needed shake-up in global trade practices. After more than a year in office, 99 percent of political observers still ...


There Was Trump/Russia Collusion – Case Closed

The Trump/Russia collusion case is as follows: George Papadopoulos knew about the hacked Clinton/DNC emails in April 2016 Donald Trump Jr. said "I love it" at the prospect of collusion in July 2016 The Clinton/DNC emails were released in July 2016 Donald Trump Jr. directly messaged WikiLeaks over Twitter in September 2016 "Dirty Trickster" Roger ...

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