“Crazy Bernie” for POTUS – 2020

The irony of Trump’s presence in DC is simply too much to take: He is a NY Democrat - has been his entire life; yet the political Left treats him as a hard-Right Rand Paul nut job...when in fact he is actually one of "them" circa 1996. He is leveraging the fact he is a ...


The WSJ Poops Its Tax Reform Pants

The House tax plan is stellar: It goes a long way toward making the US far more competitive as a global destination for corporate investment capital; it dramatically lowers the pass-thru business rate for higher income private SMIDs, key drivers of US employment; and it simplifies the tax code while retaining its progressiveness. (I will ...


WSJ On Fusion GPS

Really amazing stuff by the liberal media, as outlined by the WSJ. 


More Papadapadoo

A WSJ article from this morning confirms my concern about the narrow path to impeachment:  “But at least two other Trump aides or allies were engaged in similar efforts [obtaining dirt on Clinton] as Mr. Papadopoulos, at approximately the same time...”


DJT Approval Rating Irrelevance

To date I have used President Trump's Gallup approval rating as a sort of "stock price" to gauge his performance. While utterly irrelevant from the perspective of the average American's day-to-day life, I believe we are witnessing truly historic times, in real time, and my highly analytical, performance-oriented side loves to document things as I ...


Trump Could Be Toast – Part 2 (Sort Of)

In response to the Don Jr. emails revelation I titled my July 17 post "Trump Is Toast." I debated inserting "(likely)" to hedge against the possibility that the emails were a one-off, but caved to the weight of the moment. This was dumb, as it rarely pays to bet against Trump, as demonstrated by the mass ...


The New York Times: Climate Change Insanity – Part 2

Climate Change Is Complex. We’ve Got Answers to Your Questions. "The ocean has accelerated and is now rising at a rate of about a foot per century..." "Many experts believe that even if emissions stopped tomorrow, 15 or 20 feet of sea level rise is already inevitable, enough to flood many cities unless trillions of ...

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