Steven Koonin’s Response to Climate Change Hyperventilation

While The New York Times physically hyperventilates about the US government's Climate Science Special Report, back here on earth with the rest of everyday America, Steven Koonin - director of the Center for Urban Science and Progress at New York University, and former President Obama's undersecretary of energy for science - outlined why the "report" ...


Full Page NYT Ad

This was a full page ad on the backside of the front section this Saturday. There are no words. "Because the president dreams of a second term in office, he realizes he must create nuclear war before the next election, which he is capable of with the tweet of a finger."


NFL Mea Culpa

I rarely watch NFL ads, but have this afternoon due to extenuating circumstances.   Multiple NFLPA ads with clips of players discussing what military members are sacrificing their lives for: FREEDOM.  Gee, I wonder if Trump won on this issue... 🤔


The NYT Magazine: A Post-Obama Democratic Party in Search of Itself

The New York Times is hands down the best newspaper in America (world?). Just fantastic work covering one of the most historic administrations in American presidential history, investigative reporting (Uber, Weinstein, etc), and general political analysis. But the bias is stunning.  This morning The New York Times Magazine is out with a fantastic long-form essay ...


“Crazy Bernie” for POTUS – 2020

The irony of Trump’s presence in DC is simply too much to take: He is a NY Democrat - has been his entire life; yet the political Left treats him as a hard-Right Rand Paul nut job...when in fact he is actually one of "them" circa 1996. He is leveraging the fact he is a ...


The WSJ Poops Its Tax Reform Pants

The House tax plan is stellar: It goes a long way toward making the US far more competitive as a global destination for corporate investment capital; it dramatically lowers the pass-thru business rate for higher income private SMIDs, key drivers of US employment; and it simplifies the tax code while retaining its progressiveness. (I will ...


WSJ On Fusion GPS

Really amazing stuff by the liberal media, as outlined by the WSJ. 

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